Walkathon for Palestine – Event

Walkathon for Palestine


Date(s) – 06/16/2024
6:00 am – 10:00 am


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Island Park Shelter B



0-40 USD

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Palestine Aid Society of America


With no substantive political progress, the humanitarian situation for Palestinians trying to survive amidst a raging war and suffocating Israeli occupation remains extremely dire, particularly in Gaza.

Please join us for a 5.5K walk through downtown Ann Arbor to raise awareness of Palestinian plight and to raise funds to provide Palestinian humanitarian relief.

The Walkathon’s net proceeds will be donated to UNRWA USA, which supports UNRWA. (We wholeheartedly agree with UNRWA USA’s analysis and rationale for resuming its funding of UNRWA on April 8th.)

We are extremely grateful for the community’s support of our recent Iftar Dinner for Gaza, and together, we hope to build off that momentum for another successful fundraising event to further alleviate Palestinian suffering.

**PLEASE NOTE**: Palestine Aid Society of America (PAS) is committed to managing your donations responsibly. To maximize the impact of each donation, we use a 100% free fundraising platform called Zeffy that relies exclusively on donor contributions to cover its operating costs. Watch for this when donating or registering. If you do not wish to contribute Zeffy’s pre-set amount, choose Other from the drop-down menu and specify the amount you wish to pay, if any, in the Contribution field. If you prefer not to contribute at all, you can leave the Contribution field blank or enter 0.


  • Donate!

    • To either the overall campaign or to an individual
  • Help us Fundraise — even if you won’t be able to walk

    • You can personalize your own fundraising page
  • Register to Walk

    • Registering also creates your own personalizable fundraising page
    • Create your signs, bring your flags, and wear your keffiyehs!
  • Spread the Word

    • Share our campaign with your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, etc.

Map of Walkathon Route and Key Info (Check-in, Rest Stop, Parking, Restrooms, etc.)

Schedule on June 16th:

9 AM – 10 AM: Check-in @ Island Park Shelter B (red star on map)

10 AM – 11 AM: Speakers

11 AM –   1 PM: Walk

Rest Stop (water, first aid):

(1) Liberty Plaza (green star on map)


(1) Island Park

(2) Fuller Park (see map for shortest walking route to Island Park)

(3) Kellogg Eye Center


(1) Island Park: Shelter B

(2) Fuller Park

Additional Park Info:

(1) Island Park

(2) Fuller Park


Please email us.

Founded in 1978, Palestine Aid Society of America (PAS) is a secular, grassroots, US-based, tax-exempt [501(c)(3) corporation; EIN: 38-2381291], non-profit organization devoted to providing humanitarian support for the medical, educational, vocational, and cultural needs of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and refugee camps. To learn more about us, visit our website.


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