Tommy Robinson far-right march sees anti-Islam chants in London

Supporters of far-right activist Tommy Robinson marched in London on Saturday, chanting Islamophobic slogans amid a high police presence.

According to the Socialist Worker around 5,000 people demonstrated through London, with many chanting “who the f*** is Allah” and “we want our country back”.

At the march both Tommy Robinson and Laurence Fox marching with a banner reading ‘This is London, not Londonistan.’

Israeli flags were also seen among the crowd.

As well as marching through London a screening of Robinson’s film ‘Lawfare’ was also shown, a documentary arguing that there is a two-tier policing system in the UK.

Following the march, Fox’s car was involved in a crash with a bus in London. According to Fox, the bus “rammed into us”, although video posted online showed a man believed to be the bus driver arguing that Fox’s car was in a cycle lane.

Around 2,000 police officers were involved in policing both the march and the Champions league final, according to London’s Metropolitan (Met) Police.

They said that whilst they were grateful the organisers of the protests had discouraged violence, they were concerned about previous violent incidents involving members partaking in the march and over comments made by participants that could cause fear and safety for the Muslim community.

“All Londoners have a right to feel safe and be safe in their city and we will take a zero tolerance approach to any racially or religiously motivated hate crime we become aware of.”

A counter demonstration also occurred, organised by Stand Up to Racism who said it was campaigning against “racism and Islamophobia”.

Another counter-protest by Youth Demand also took place, although police arrested nine protesters for breaching a condition not to leave the pavement they were allowed to protest on.

Additionally, the Met Police announced that two other arrests had been made around Parliament Square, where the far-right demonstration was taking place.

“One arrest was for drunk and disorderly and assault an emergency worker,” the Met said on X, adding that “the other relates to an incident where a woman was subjected to racial abuse.”

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