The Priests & Priestesses of Ancient Egypt – Event


The Priests & Priestesses of Ancient Egypt

Tori McNally & Egyptologist Mohamed Ramadan LIVE from Luxor, Egypt

Sunday July 14th, 2024

2pm Eastern Time on Zoom


Embark on a mystical odyssey alongside Psychic Medium Tori McNally and Egyptologist Mohamed Ramadan, as they beckon you from the ancient splendors of Luxor, Egypt. Together, we shall unravel the enigmatic tapestries woven by the revered priests and priestesses of Ancient Egypt, a realm steeped in allure and intrigue.

Delve into the labyrinthine corridors of temples, where the Priest and Priestess held court over realms both spiritual and medicinal while tending to the pharaoh and queen with sacred rites.

We will part the veils of history to witness the potent political sway these mystics held, whispering counsel and guidance into the ears of royalty. We will peer into the sanctuaries of daily life within temple walls and cult domains, where mysteries intertwined with the mundane.

With a special guided meditation, Tori will guide us through the sands of time along a meditative voyage, immersing ourselves in the essence of ancient Egyptian priest or priestess-hood .

Envision the rituals, partake in the enchantments, and revel in the echoes of bygone celebrations to explore life as an ancient Egyptian priest or priestess and experience some of their magical practices and celebrations.

All participants are strongly urged to have their journal and pen close at hand along with a comfortable and place to join the meditative journey where you will not be disturbed

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