Raisi killed, ICC warrants, Jenin raided

This week on The New Arab Weekly podcast, we look at the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and what it means for Iran, the news that the International Criminal Court is seeking arrest warrants for Hamas and Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and finally, the recent deadly Israeli assault on the West Bank town of Jenin and the news that Ireland, Norway, and Spain would recognise Palestinian statehood.

Joining us, we have The New Arab’s Opinions Editor Benjamin Ashraf (@ashrafzeneca) and Analysis Editor Charlie Hoyle (@CharlieCHoyle). 

Picks of the Week:

Why I called out Suella Braverman’s gaslighting live on TV

The systematic torture of Gazans in Israel’s secret prisons

Netzah Yehuda veteran was among ‘guards’ who intimidated Jerusalem Armenians in November 2023

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