Melody for Hope – Event

**Experience the Magic of the Middle East!**

Come and celebrate the rich and vibrant music of the Middle East with Alwani Middle Eastern Orchestra. Immerse yourself in a night of captivating melodies, rhythms, and cultural exploration.

“We are thrilled to announce that for this concert, the Alwani Orchestra, led by Randa Jalo, is joining forces with the Haneen Choir – California to elevate the experience to new heights! Together, we are bringing a harmonious blend of talent and passion to enchant and create a spellbinding experience for our audience.

About Haneen Choir- California.

By voluntary initiative of Mrs. Rajaa Banut, and with cooperation with a group of Syrian women, Haneen Cultural Forum was founded on 22 February 2015 on the in the Turkish city of Gazi Antep. The forum was a venue where Syrian’s women were meeting to carry out many social activities, such as periodic cultural educational meetings, and workshops and socio -psychosocial support, through the formation of a women’s singing group to revive and publicize Syrian heritage and preserve heritage identity, and to serve as an invitation to celebrate life even in times of war and crisis. Today, Haneen choir has flurished into a community choirs celibrating Syrian and middle eastern music in differnt countries around the world. Haneen choirs mission is to empowers, and inspires many woment thought their musical contribution.

**Special Cause:**

As part of our commitment to support the community, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to aid children and innocent families in Gaza. Your presence will make a difference. We are proud to announce that the Alwani Orchestra has chosen to support the Sanabel Team, a dedicated group of volunteers working in Palestine to provide essential aid to families in urgent need. Through our Melody for Hope concert, we aim to raise donations that will directly benefit those in need by providing necessities such as food, water, shelter materials, and potential costs for relocation after evacuation.

As an orchestra, we are deeply honored to leverage the power of music to reach out and make a positive impact on the lives of others. It is our privilege to contribute to this cause and support the mission of the Sanabel Team in their efforts to assist families facing challenging circumstances.

Join us in making a difference through the universal language of music. Your support can help bring hope and relief to those who need it most. Together, we can create a harmonious melody of compassion and solidarity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a musical journey and contribute to a meaningful cause. Reserve your tickets now!

Let’s come together to celebrate and support the beauty of Middle Eastern culture through the power of music!

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