Israel continues Gaza assault following new ceasefire proposal

Israel has continued shelling areas around the Gaza Strip, with strikes being reported in Gaza City’s Zeitoun and Remal neighbourhood resulting in the deaths of three Palestinians.

Israeli forces continue to conduct attacks in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah, with Israeli tanks moving deeper into the district. On Thursday Israeli forces took control over the Philadelphi¬†Corridor.

The fighting comes as US President Joe Biden outlined a new six-week ceasefire proposal which would see the release of Israeli hostages in Gaza, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from population centres and negotiations for an end to the war.

Hamas has said it “considers positively” the ceasefire proposal by Biden, one of a number of proposals that have been put forward since the start of the year to end the war.

Israel’s war on Gaza has killed 36,284 Palestinians and wounded a further¬†82,057.

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