ICC seeks arrest warrants for Israeli PM as Gaza war continues

Gazans on Monday spared little thought for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi killed in a helicopter crash, saying he had failed to ease the suffering in the war-torn Palestinian territory.

Palestinian militant group Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip and receives financial and military support from Iran, paid tribute to Raisi’s “support for the Palestinian resistance, and tireless efforts in solidarity” with Palestinians.

But Gazans in the central city of Deir al-Balah, an area which has been hit by Israeli bombardment since the 7 October, told AFP that Raisi’s legacy in the Palestinian territory had been tarnished by inaction over their plight.

“He never supported us, never kept his promises, never called for a ceasefire, and never stood by us. He does not concern us at all,” said Naji Khodeir, a resident of the city, which now hosts large numbers of Gazans fleeing fighting further south.

“He means nothing to us and nothing to Gaza,” said Bilal Khodary, a displaced Gazan.

Raisi was confirmed dead on Monday after search and rescue teams found the remains of his helicopter which crashed Sunday in a fog-shrouded western mountain region of Iran.

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