Hezbollah launches fundraiser to buy drones, rockets

Iran is the main backer of Hezbollah, providing the group with money, weapons and training [Getty]

Lebanon’s Hezbollah group is asking its supporters for donations to purchase drones and missiles as it continues with months-long border clashes with Israel.

A thirty second video by the Islamic Resistance Support Organisation, a fundraising group affiliated with Hezbollah was shared by several prominent Hezbollah-linked journalists and pundits, urging donors to make financial contributions.

“Lift your head high to the sky, and see where your support is,” the video says, referring to aircraft Hezbollah had used in the cross-border fighting with Israeli forces.

Another roughly 20-second video depicts a small donation box modelled as Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, showing people inserting money and jewellery into it.

“Like this, and like this…” the voiceover in the video says while showing different ways to donate. “Your support reaches [us], like this rocket,” it adds as a missile is seen slamming into what is supposedly an Israeli site at the border.

The Islamic Resistance Support Organisation has not responded to a New Arab request for comment.

The fundraising group was designated a terrorist organisation by the US in August 2006, only days after the end of a devastating 33-day war between Hezbollah and Israel. Washington has designated Hezbollah since 1997.

Hezbollah has used sophisticated weaponry in the border clashes with Israel since October, in parallel with the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

While Israel has struck deeper into Lebanese territory, Hezbollah has also used drones and missiles to target Israeli military positions as far as Acre and Lake Tiberias.

Social media users have asked why the group was asking for donations now, speculating that there were financial problems. Some have supported the move, while others have made fun of the initiative.

Iran is the main backer of Hezbollah, which they helped establish in 1982 when Israel invaded south Lebanon, offering financial, military, and logistical support.

Hezbollah says its open front with Israel aims to divert Israeli attention away from Gaza, where at least 36,171 people – mostly women and children – have been killed in a ferocious and indiscriminate military assault.

Over 400 people have been killed in Lebanon, mostly Hezbollah fighters, but also more than 80 civilians, including children.

Israel says 14 soldiers and 11 civilians have been killed on its side of the border, but Hezbollah believes the toll to be higher.

Hezbollah has refused to end hostilities before a ceasefire in Gaza is achieved. Israel has repeatedly threatened to carry out a ground invasion of south Lebanon and wage a full-scale attack on the Lebanese Shia militant group.

Western-led negotiations are trying to secure a diplomatic settlement between Lebanon and Israel, which includes finalising a land border deal between the enemy states.

In October 2022, the two countries inked a historic deal in October 2022 which saw them demarcate their maritime borders despite being technically at war.

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