Hanan Issa: Halal Habibis – Event

 A “perfectly executed clusterf*ck masterpiece of a life story,” Halal Habibis follows comedian Hanan Issa’s wild journey to get married as a young Muslim woman born and raised in NYC. Having lost her mother at 9 years old, Hanan dives into her childhood and reflects on how the passing of her mother affected her attitude growing up towards love, social relationships, and Islam.

This one-woman show playfully explores Hanan’s vast array of battles with religion, grade school bullies, and unsuccessful relationships. This is a highly eventful coming-of-age solo show that will have you questioning if Hanan is actually only 24 years old.

Halal Habibis is genuinely a vulnerable and hilarious show that highlights the true meaning of resiliency, hope, and delusions in the manifestations of a Lebanese woman. (P.S. All incoming marriage proposals will be handled on a rolling basis)

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