CREATE. A Short Film and Music Festival – Event


Bringing film & music to one stage from Houston & Baytown artists to tell stories and raise awareness to causes important to us.

Welcome to the “CREATE” Short Film and Music Festival!

Join us on Sat Jun 22 2024 at 5:00 PM at Town Square to celebrate the arts and come together for an important cause. Filled with amazing music from MIC-ON-MIC, Static Slums, Team Alice, & more! With films by Shahd Shahroor, Ayaan Ahsan, Sergio Javier Valverde & a few more yet to be announced! We hope this is the start of bringing communities together, to fundraise for important causes and raise awareness, this year we’ve chosen Bridge to Baladi, a Houston based non-profit that provides humanitarian aid to smaller communities within Palestine. 100% of ticket sales will go towards the fundraiser. Hope to see you there!

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