Yogis for Palestine: Int’l Day of Yoga action for Palestinian Liberation – Event

If you purchase a ticket for $25+ (per person), you will receive a t-shirt (See here for t-shirt samples). Please register to receive the order form so you can select the style/size for your shirt! Please look at FAQs to know how to buy multiple tickets.

On this International Day of Yoga (IDY) (June 21st, 2024), Yogis for Palestine, La La Lil Jidar, & Philly Families for Ceasefire invite you to embody yoga in the service of Palestinian liberation — by calling for an end to Israel’s genocide in Gaza and its 76-year occupation of Palestine.

We understand IDY to be a holiday that the global far-right weaponizes to advance ethnonationalist and colonial policies. On IDY in 2021, Yogis for Palestine invited yogis to “repurpose International Day of Yoga in solidarity with Palestinian, Kashmiri and all oppressed people’s self-determination;” and to apply the principles of “Decolonizing Yoga” to the context of Israeli apartheid and settler colonial occupation.

Rather than celebrate International Day of Yoga, we invite yogis to:

  1. Hold space for collective grieving and healing for our Palestinian martyrs and kin;
  2. Demand an end to Israel’s genocide & ethnic cleansing of Palestine; and
  3. Use the power of yoga to call for the dismantling of the Zionist entity & a free Palestine.

This will be a family-friendly event: we will offer meditation & yoga classes for adults & children as well as other activities. We hope you join us.

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