Two Indians recruited by Russia army killed in Ukraine war

Russia’s war on Ukraine has been ongoing for more than two years [Jose Colon/Anadolu/Getty-file photo]

Two Indian nationals recruited by the Russian army were recently killed in the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Indian foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

The Indian embassy in Moscow has pressed Russian authorities, including the Ministry of Defence, for prompt repatriation of the remains, the ministry said in a statement.

The foreign ministry also urged the Russian ambassador in New Delhi and authorities in Moscow to quickly release and return all Indian nationals who are with the Russian army, the statement added.

India demanded that there be a verified stop to any further recruitment of its nationals by the Russian army, urging Indian nationals to exercise caution while seeking employment opportunities in Russia.

Indian police in May arrested four people linked to a network of human traffickers on suspicion of luring young men to Russia with the promise of lucrative jobs or university places only to force them to fight in the war in Ukraine.

About 35 Indian men were duped in this manner, the Central Bureau of Investigation said in March.

New Delhi and Moscow have enjoyed a close relationship for decades and India has refused to condemn Russia over the war with Ukraine, urging the two sides to end the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy.


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