The Secrets of Arabic Letters: An Interactive Calligraphy Experience – Event


Join us for an inspiring evening dedicated to the art of Arabic calligraphy at The Moslem Mosque in New York City. This event features a special guest, Josh Berer, an accomplished calligrapher and scholar with a rich academic background in Arabic language and Islamic studies.

About Josh Berer:
Josh Berer is a devoted student of calligraphy, trained under the renowned Mohamed Zakariya Hoca, and received his icazet/ijaazah in July 2020 after eight years of rigorous study. His academic journey includes a graduate degree from Indiana University’s Central Eurasian Studies Department, focusing on Uzbek and Dari/Farsi languages and poetry, and an undergraduate degree in Arabic Language from the University of Washington. Josh has also immersed himself in the cultural and linguistic heritage of Yemen, studying advanced Arabic grammar, Islamic law, and modern literature.

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