The Best Browser Add-ons And Extensions For Arabic

For people learning Arabic, there’s a bunch of online tools that can help make things easier. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about some of the best add-ons you can use in Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

So let’s take a look at what the best add-ons and extensions are for the most important browsers for the Arabic language. This list is constantly being expanded and updated.

Convert English to Arabic and vice versa

Chrome & Firefox: Writing Arabic ت

If you don’t have an Arabic keyboard, this Chrome add-on can be very useful: it allows you to type in English (with Tashkeel!). Long vowels are written in capital letters (A, U, I); however, if you write a, u, or i, the diacritical marks are added (ضَمّة, كَسْرة, فَتْحة).

writing arabic jpgwriting arabic jpg

Check this page to learn more about the Arabic transliteration.

Firefox: Lexilogos Arabic Transcriber

The Lexilogos Arabic Transcriber allows users to phonetically type out Arabic words and have them transcribed into Arabic script. This can be a potent learning aid, as it bridges the gap between pronunciation and writing.

Edge: 3arbi Translator

This tool is simple: write an Arabic word and see it transliterated using the English or French system. Or write Arabic words using the French or English transliteration system.

3arbi Translator3arbi Translator
3arbi Translator

Displaying Arabic script

Arabic is often displayed using a standard font (Times New Roman), which can make it difficult to read. In addition, Arabic is often displayed at a smaller size than other text. Another problem is that the alignment is wrong. In other words, the Arabic text is not right-aligned. Both are easy to fix.

Wudooh (clarity in Arabic and Persian) is a simple browser extension that makes reading Arabic script text clearer and more pleasant. It offers features that allow users to customize fonts, background color, and spacing, which are particularly beneficial for reading Arabic content comfortably.


Chrome: ChatGPT RTL Support (Farsi/Arabic)

This useful tool makes using ChatGPT better in the Chrome browser, especially for languages that are read from right to left, such as Arabic and Persian.

Chrome: Add Arabic Text RTL support

In case the above extension does not work for you: This extension does the same and applies some modifications to websites to add bidirectional support to them. As a result, text (both LTR and RTL) will appear in the correct direction.

Firefox & Edge: ChatGPT-rtl

For those needing to alternate between left-to-right and right-to-left writing, ChatGPT-RTL is an invaluable Firefox add-on. This is incredibly useful for Arabic speakers who are writing on digital platforms that do not automatically support RTL text.

Dictionaries – Translating

If you read Arabic texts on your desktop computer, you will appreciate being able to look up words quickly. There are a few dictionary add-ons, but most of them are not really good. 

By chance, I have now discovered an add-on (Firefox, Chrome & Safari) that is really helpful: Alpheios. It was originally developed for Greek and Latin, but it also works for Arabic and Persian.

Alpheios Reading ToolsAlpheios Reading Tools
Alpheios Reading Tools

After the installation, you have to activate the add-on on each page where you want to use it, by clicking on the add-on icon until it says “on“.

Then you can double-click on an Arabic word to find out its meaning, morphology, gender, and usage. Best of all, it detects the stem and identifies pronouns, mood forms, etc. You can also get the Lane’s Dictionary entry for less familiar words, which can be very helpful.

Chrome: Arabic Dictionary Extension

Quickly look up Arabic words with the Arabic Dictionary Extension. A handy tool for learners, this extension offers fast access to translations and definitions, which can be critical when building vocabulary or trying to understand new texts.

Firefox: Arabic Vocabulary

This Firefox add-on targets vocabulary building by providing word meaning and context upon hovering over Arabic words. It’s a convenient tool for expanding your word bank while reading.

Other stuff

Other useful extensions and add-ons that have to do with Arabic or offer support for Arabic.

All browsers: LanguageTool

LanguageTool is a free text checker for grammar, style and spelling which also works (partially) for Arabic. Like all Arabic spelling and grammar tools, it is still very error-prone, but finds many things that are easily overlooked. For example, it can also check Arabic numbers (written out).

language tool jpglanguage tool jpg
The best browser add-ons and extensions for Arabic 17

Firefox: Arabic Spell-Checking Dictionary

With the Arabic Spell-Checking Dictionary, Firefox users can write in Arabic confidently, knowing that common spelling errors will be flagged, similar to how spell check works for English.

For Safari browsers and others:

I use Linux and have no experience with Mac devices. So it would be helpful if Mac users could add their add-ons in the comments section or send me a message, so I can add the tools.

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