Lebanese Healthcare Networking Event – Event

The International Lebanese Medical Association (ILMA) DMV invites you to an evening of networking and mingling on Sunday, June 9th! This event aims to bring the Lebanese community that serves the healthcare industry together. ILMA- DMV’s mission is to help medical students in Lebanon.

Please RSVP and add it to your calendars!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

  • Dr. Paul Tyan – President of Chapter
  • Dr. Nayef Chahin – Immediate Past President
  • Dr. R ana Sharara – Vice President
  • D r. Khalil Diab – Secretary
  • Dr. Eliane Abou Jaoude – Treasurer
  • Dr. Nadine El Asmar – Recruitment & Social Event Officer
  • Dr. Joseph Khoury – Exchange Officer
  • Dr. Victor Yazbeck – Academic Officer
  • Dr. Alexandra Eid – Exchange Officer
  • William Azar – Fundraiser & Social Media Officer
  • Nadia Samaha – Trainee Officer
  • Dr. Walid Chalhoub – Member at Large

– I LMA DMV Board

About ILMA: The International Lebanese Medical Association, USA, is a non-profit, non-political, and non-denominational organization. It was formed by medical professionals of Lebanese heritage living in the United States who share common interests in health, education, and research. To learn more, visit: https://ilmausa.org

This event is open to the Lebanese community that works in the Healthcare industry and friends.

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