Israeli soldier ‘poses naked for OnlyFans’ in Gaza

Israeli soldiers have also filmed themselves looting and destroying property in Gaza [Getty]

Photos have emerged of an armed Israeli soldier posing naked in Gaza, apparently creating content for adult online subscription service ‘OnlyFans’.

The male soldier was seen using his rifle to cover his private parts in one photo and a flower emoji in another, with crude graffiti on an abandoned Palestinian home that supposedly included his OnlyFans account handle.

The images were shared on social media and are just the latest in a series of sexualised images used by Israeli soldiers during their assault on Gaza, which has killed over 37,300 Palestinians and made most of the population homeless.

Soldiers have posed in Palestinian homes holding women’s underwear, children’s toys, or have recorded themselves insulting Palestinian culture and vandalising buildings. Derogatory and genocidal phrases have been sprayed onto side of homes and mosques and then posted on the personal social media accounts of Israelis.

Soldiers have even been found to have posted photos of themselves posing in front of bullet-ridden buildings in Gaza on dating apps.

One Palestinian journalist, who goes by the name Tamer on social media site X, posted two of the images of a male Israeli soldier allegedly promoting his OnlyFans account.

Tamer wrote alongside the images of the man: “The most moral army in the world. An Israeli soldier has a photo shoot in a Palestinian neighbourhood after it was destroyed by the Israeli terrorist army in Gaza Strip.”

In one image, the soldier who goes by the OnlyFans account ‘@paz.g’, is standing with his trousers pulled down and wearing a military flak jacket with a machine gun covering his genital area. In the backdrop are decimated buildings and rubble supposedly from Gaza. The New Arab cannot confirm the veracity or location of the images.

In the second photo, the same soldier in his military uniform is posing on a couch and brandishing his gun outside a displaced Palestinian family home.  The house’s walls have been defaced with Hebrew graffiti, including the address of an OnlyFans account written in green ink in the background.

OnlyFans has around 420 million monthly users around the world and is an adult internet service used primarily by sex workers for distributing pornographic content, as well as sports trainers and celebrities, who create their own videos which subscribers pay for in monthly instalments.

A third photo shared by Palestinian journalist Younis Tirawi shows the same Israeli soldier under the account name ‘@paz.g’ standing completely naked on a beach, wearing just white sunglasses.

The bio of the soldier’s X account says: “Paz from Israel, 23 years old, idf warrior, onlyfans creator and im looking for some fun and fans”.

OnlyFans has over 2 million content creators and is owned by an Ukrainian American billionaire businessman.

Leonid Radvinsky allegedly donated $11 million to pro-Israel lobby the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in the wake of the 7 October Hamas attacks on Israel, according to a report by US investigative outlet The Lever. Radvinksy has denied making the donation.

The images of the naked soldier in Gaza comes after separate photos appeared online in recent weeks of an Israeli soldier posing topless with an Israeli flag, apparently part of a photo shoot taken by Slovakian photographer Peter Erzvo Zvonar.

One of the images, showing the heavily tattooed soldier holding an Israeli flag across his waist, was shared on the soldier’s Instagram page with the caption: “Welcome to Gaza. You asked for a war, you got it. Am Yisrael Chai [long live Israel]!”

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