Israeli forces kill dozens of Palestinians in Gaza strikes

On a long and narrow, winding road surrounded by destruction on all sides, dozens of Palestinians, the majority of whom are women, patients and the elderly, rush to escape repeated Israeli attacks on Kamal Adwan Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

The scale of destruction and death is a painful and daily reality facing the residents of the northern region of the besieged Gaza Strip since the launch of Israel’s genocidal war on 7 October.

Every day, hundreds of Palestinian families who decided to persevere and remain in their places of residence were forced to move from one pulverised site to another in a desperate struggle to survive.

Hadia Al-Attar’s family is among the countless others forced to be displaced more than ten times inside the Jabalia camp. In the process, more than 15 of their relatives and family members have been killed by Israeli strikes, while around 25 others are still missing, some under the rubble and others whose final fates are entirely unknown.

“With every displacement, I lose a brother, relative or a friend (…) I am no longer willing to bear another loss (…) I have not struggled with my family throughout this period for us to die so easily,” in a voice mixed with sorrow and anger, Hadia said to The New Arab as she helped her brother move her elderly mother onto a medical bed to escape from inside Kamal Adwan Hospital.

“What does Israel want from us? What does the world want from us? Do they want to exterminate us and get rid of our existence? Why all this hatred against the Palestinians in Gaza? And why all this shameful silence of the Arabs and the world?” the 25-year-old young woman asked.

Suddenly, the sound of a huge explosion interrupted Hadia, and she began to run as grey dust obscured the view after an Israeli airstrike. 

Read more from Sally Ibrahim’s report on north Gaza’s Kamal Adwan Hospital here.

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