Israeli army officer who filmed soldiers nude found guilty

Israeli soldiers are currently engaged in the war on Gaza [file photo-Alaa Marey/AFP/Getty]

A former senior Israeli army officer was found guilty by a military court on Wednesday of filming subordinate female soldiers nude.

Lieutenant Colonel Dan Sharoni was previously arrested in 2021 for collecting sexual images of soldiers and civilians over the course of at least eight years, The Times of Israel reported.

The 2021 indictment found he used hidden cameras inside phone chargers, in barracks, and in showers.

In total, he was convicted of 67 offences, including 23 counts of indecency, 39 counts of privacy violation, and three counts of illegally hacking a computer, and one count of attempted indecency. He also had one case of conduct unbecoming of a soldier against him.

Sharoni was accused of taking soldiers’ phones off them and looking through their photos to see if there were any nude images, before copying them onto his device.

As well as female soldier victims, Sharoni secretly filmed civilians and men, too, the court found.

According to the charges, many of the victims were soldiers and officers that Sharoni had developed relationships with.

The Israeli army said the court “fully accepted the testimonies of the victims of the crime, and rejected the defendant’s version that he acted out of a non-sexual motive”.

No immediate date has been set for Sharoni’s sentencing, however, the army announced that he will have to undergo a sexual risk assessment.

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