Hamas ridicules reports of Qatar imposing sanctions on them

Hamas said talk of Qatar imposing sanctions on the movement and its leader was a “laughing matter” and ridiculous, highlighting that they have positive relations with Doha.

Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’ political bureau reiterated that the group is on good terms with Qatar’s leadership, and any pressure from other countries will not affect this.

“The presence of Hamas in Qatar increases possibilities of understanding, communication and ideas” he told Sky News Arabia, adding that it is a key bridge for negotiations with the US and other countries.

“Doha seeks to stop the fighting in Palestine permanently, and the relationship with Egyptian mediators since the start of negotiations has been based on understanding, co-operation and the exchange of ideas,” he added.

The comments came after a number of reports indicated Qatar was pressuring Hamas to agree to a truce agreement in Gaza, and that Doha could impose sanctions on them.

During the interview with Sky News Arabia, Hamad stated that Hamas’s demands are clear and simple, including a permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of all Israeli forces from Gaza, the release of Palestinian prisoners and the reconstruction of Gaza.

“The reality on the ground shows that Israel does not want to stop the war and does not want to reach an agreement. The internal conflict in Israel reaffirms there is divides over their vision,” he added.

Along with the US and Egypt, Qatar have has for months tried to broker a deal between Israel and Hamas to end the war which has killed over 37,431 people in Gaza since 7 October, mostly women and children.

Israel’s air and ground offensive has rendered much of the Gaza Strip uninhabitable and has displaced nearly all its population.

Earlier this year, US Democratic lawmaker Steny Hoyer accused Qatar of “siding with Hamas” and said Washington would re-evaluate its ties with Doha if it failed to pressure the Palestinian group to accept a ceasefire proposal advanced by Israel.

This, in turn, prompted Qatar to release a statement on the same day, expressing surprise at the threat made by Hoyer.

“We share his frustration that Hamas and Israel have not reached an agreement on the release of the remaining hostages…but Qatar is only a mediator – we do not control Israel or Hamas,” the statement read.


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