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Position is Key at an Exhibit!

UntitledSo you’ve come up with exhibition stand ideas, you’ve costed exhibition stands prices and chosen exhibition stands manufacturers for your next stand. So now you need to decide where to put your stand in the shows layout.

Firstly, you know that you need to stand out amongst the melee of similar companies. You want visitors to be drawn to your stand, pulled in and remember it when they walk away, right? Getting your display in the right spot is crucial to your success at the event.

A corner stand is great for pulling in passers-by, as is a stand towards the entrance where traffic may be it at its busiest and visitors are more alert and fresh which means more chance of them taking notice of you.

You don’t need the biggest stand, but you do need one that’s going to attract your target visitors. Here are 10 quick tips for pulling in those visitors.

1.      Look and Feel

Your exhibition display stands essentially acts as your shop window. They need to be inviting and your show objective – be it selling, marketing or image – should determine the look and feel of the space.

2.      Small Can Be Good Too

You don’t need a massive budget when looking for portable exhibition displays for sale. The space and stand you choose needs to meet your objective and can be tastefully outfitted with the right signage, banners and products.

3.      Try It Out

Set your stand up in your office before heading to the show so that you get a good idea of the space you will be occupying. It’s a great way of deciding exactly where to put your signage in your exhibition space.

4.      Give a Good Brief

When having your stand and marketing collateral designed, be sure to provide a clear brief to ensure your objectives are met.

5.      Let Creativity Flow

Experiment with lighting, signage, posters, banner stands and so on and follow the path around your display area that visitors will follow at the show. Walk around the stand at a distance and close up to get just the right amount of visual appeal.

6.      Sticking to a Budget

You don’t need to spend bucket loads of cash for a trade show by having brand new materials. Well designed, generic banners and signage can work well. Look around your business premises to see what you already have to furnish your display area with.

7.      Giveaways

Too many companies spend too much money on promo gifts instead of perhaps putting that budget into securing a better spot for their stand. If you do want to give gifts, choose something relevant and memorable.

8.      Talking to the Organiser

Be sure that the event organiser is aware of your business’s nature and requirements. Stand placement is crucial to your target visitors so do discuss all your requirements with the organiser ahead of time so that you can negotiate the best possible location at the best possible price.

9.      Picking the right People

Carefully select your team to man he stand. They should be active, friendly people who are going to draw in potential leads.

10.   Tell People!

Finally, once you’re ready to set up your stand in a prime location at the event, tell people about it. Let them know when the show is and where you can be found. Send out emails to regular clients along with invitations and even send updates to potential clients.

Making sure your exhibition display stands are in the perfect spot at your next trade show can be the difference between success and being just another unmemorable stand at some busy show.


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