Business Problems

The Drug-Free Workplace
Maintaining a drug-free workplace is imperative to your business' well being. Not only does it provide peace of mind, but it also provides the foundation of a solid and ethical framework at the heart of your business. There are many benefits to a drug-free workplace, not the least of which is an Read more [...]

Tips for Smart Car Insurance Shopping
To save money you sometimes have to spend money and by having car insurance in place you’re making a sound investment in your future.  The first step that you should take before you begin to drive your shiny new vehicle around town is to obtain the right amount of insurance for the value of the car Read more [...]

Investing In Shipping Containers
Shipping containers are essential for businesses that deal in importing or exporting goods for sale. Freight companies must have shipping containers ready to pack their shipments, and they must have containers ready to store items that have not yet been shipped. Similarly, a company that sells goods Read more [...]
General Business

The low down on PPI compensation scams
The sale of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has long being a bone of contention in both the UK and Ireland, and the insurance, often added to mortgages, loans and overdrafts, has frequently been sold in inappropriate circumstances. In recent years, banks and other financial institutions have been Read more [...]
Business Ideas, Marketing

Position is Key at an Exhibit!
So you’ve come up with exhibition stand ideas, you’ve costed exhibition stands prices and chosen exhibition stands manufacturers for your next stand. So now you need to decide where to put your stand in the shows layout. Firstly, you know that you need to stand out amongst the melee of similar Read more [...]