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How Social Media Can Give You the Job Seeking Edge

The number of young people applying for jobs is going up and up. Many of your rival candidates will have similar qualifications and experiences to you, so how do you gain an advantage over them? It’s a dog eat dog world out there, but you may not realise that your social media profiles can help you grab that juicy bone.
Many people don’t appreciate that potential employees will look at their social media profiles as well as their CVs and application forms. It’s not unusual, in fact it’s a widespread practise that’s becoming ever more common. Here’s how you can make your social media profile work to your advantage.
19% of HR departments said that a person’s social media profile made them decide to offer that person a job. They want to see that you have a broad range of interests, and before you ask – drinking doesn’t count as an interest. They’ll also check that you’ve listed the same qualifications and work experience on Facebook as you have in your application. Make sure that your avatar is professional, and that your profile as a whole is free from spelling and grammatical errors. This infographic contains further tips.


Use Social Media To Improve Your Job Search
Use Social Media To Improve Your Job Search is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

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