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Customer Service Options for Every Business

Customer service is an essential part of a business. Without it, you could lose customers over the lack of communication your are able to provide. The good thing is that there is a customer service option for every business, no matter the size or the budget. Here are some of the most common customer service options. 

The Traditional Phone Line

What most customers are looking for from a business is a place where they can talk to someone with extensive knowledge of your business. A phone number where they can reach a customer service representative is a common practice for both local and online businesses. Because many people are searching for quick answers, having a well-trained staff is essential to having happy customers, even after they have experienced a problem with a purchase. 

The other must-have with a customer service phone number is a large enough staff to handle the volume of calls you can expect to receive. No one wants to wait on hold for more than a couple of minutes, so figuring this out is imperative before the line goes live. 

Onsite Chat Services

Sometimes customers have questions while they are shopping, and the option to talk to a customer services representative is necessary. However, some phone numbers are not set up for simple questions and email can take too long, leaving the customer to find someplace else to shop. With an interface that offers 
live chat services, customers can find the answers to the questions they are looking for about a specific product or shopping process concern. To an extent, these chat services can be partially automated to answer the most common questions and concerns. 


When it comes to running a business that exists solely online, having an email address for customer service is a must. This is the easiest way for customers to contact you if they don’t have time to make a phone call, or if you offer your products and services to a global audience. 

The key to having great email customer service is a timely response. Even if the issue cannot be resolved in minutes, it is important to send an acknowledgement of the receipt of the email and follow up as soon as possible with the customer. 

Social Media

One way to offer customer service to your customers outside of your own website or storefront is through social media. While this shouldn’t be the only way that you offer to answer questions and concerns, it can be the fastest way to get a problem resolved, especially when it is a quick question about a product, service or sale. Social media lets you answer someone’s question publicly, or you can take it privately to a direct message. This is an important outlet for both the customer and your business because reputations are often made through word-of-mouth advertising. If you are neglecting this area of customer service, your business could suffer.

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