About to Buy a Used Car? Read This Article First!

If you have ever purchased a new car or even been with somebody during the experience then you have seen sales agents working at their best! You were likely thrown parties, champagne was flowing, and your favorite music artist performed live!


Well, maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as that, but you get the point. The experience was great because the car was new. However, when it comes time to buy a used car, well, the experience is a little different.


To help you navigate the world of used cars, below are some questions to ask throughout the process.


Are You Sure That You Need a Car?

If you just want a car for short trips to the shop and back, consider a car-sharing program. If you want to take road-trip, take advantage of a great Expedia coupon from Groupon Coupons and rent a vehicle to take your friend on an adventure. Whatever the reason is for you wanting to buy a car, give serious thought to whether you need it and whether there are alternatives which you could utilize.


Who Was the Previous Owner?

If you are certain that a car is something you need then the first question you will want to ask any dealer is about the previous owner. This is the best way to get an understanding of how the car may have been driver before it arrived on the lot before you.


As an example, if the previous owner was an elderly couple then there is a good chance that the car was driven short distances and the engine won’t have been pushed too much to its limits.  On the other hand, if the previous owner was a teenager learning how to drive then you could be in for a different type of engine health. Whichever the answer is, consider how you could drive the car if you were the previous driver.


What Is the Maintenance History Like?

If you are still interested in the vehicle after learning about the previous owner then it’s time to ask about the maintenance history. In particular, ask to see the maintenance log for the vehicle. This is the book which will tell you all about how well the vehicle was maintained, information about its previous visits to the mechanic, and even the type of products used during its services.


Can I Take It for a Test Drive?

Why is this question on here? After all, surely you’re going to ask for a test drive, right? This question is on the list to prepare you for a dealer to tell you that you can’t. That’s right. The dealer may tell you that you aren’t able to take take the vehicle for a test drive. Why? They will tell you an excuse about insurance or something similar. However, it’s more likely that they are hiding something and they don’t want you to find out until after you have signed the papers and driven away. If a dealer tells you no, walk away and find a new dealership.


Just because buying a used car isn’t the glamorous experience which comes with buying a new car means that you can’t find the right car for your needs. Stick with the above tips to get started and you will be sure to ring a vehicle right for you!

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