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4 Reasons Why Your Blog is Losing Visitors

Hitting thousands and millions of visitors a month is a dream for some people and a reality for others. Some guy publishes a new blog, gets one million visitors, and ends up receiving a request for writing a blog post for a popular magazine. On the other hand, you have rifled out the best of your ideas and research in a quick-read but the number of visitors is increasing slower than a snail’s crawl. So, why is your blog not doing so well?

Previously, speed was one of the biggest hurdles in boosting the traffic of your blog. With every one-second delay in the loading time, a blog lost around 7% of its traffic. A majority of the blogs fixed this issue and boosted traffic. If you have not managed the loading time of your blog yet, then do it now! If you have fixed it, then the following four reasons could be restraining your blog from hitting a million. We have given tips to avoid these issues.

1.    Avoid Animation Overload

A few months ago, animations kept the visitors hooked on a webpage. Today, animation overload may overwhelm the visitors and cause delayed interactions, because the visitors may already have interacted on several other websites before visiting yours. To understand this, consider a person who interacts with ten people. The energy and excitement of interaction with the first person will not be the same as when interacting with the 10th person. The person would expect ease of interaction, straightforwardness, and simplicity. Similarly, the simple design of your blog, which is not loaded with animations, will satisfy the need of visitor and persuade them to spend more time on your blog. Classicism is always valued! Prefer classic blog design to an animated one.

2.    Consistency in User Interface

Talking about the ease of interaction, we cannot miss user interface in our important blog design tips. Small mistakes in the blog design that cater with the user interface may make your blog lose a loyal visitor. These elements include small cursors in fixed inches to move the slides, next tabs opening in similar page, mobile responsive designs, and more. A consistent user interface with frictionless navigation not only increases your blog’s traffic, it also increases the number of loyal target audiences.

3.    Increase Color Blending

Vision-friendly colors tend to create a bond with the visitors. Avoid using pop-up colors like red, bottle green, and yellow. The number of mobile visitors is increasing every day. If you track the audience source, you will be surprised to see the number of mobile visitors. The visitors could be visiting your blog in the bed, in the chair, or from any other place. Focus on their comfort. Warm colors including pastels add to the comfort of visitors. Increase color blending. Use shades of one color to create blends instead of using various colors to create contrasts.

4.    De-Clutter!

Time is running fast and people are often in a hurry. Your blog visitors will scan the information within seconds and pick your blog if it suits their needs. By simplifying the design and removing ‘extras’ from the screen, you will ease the process of scanning for your visitors, which is the first step to winning their loyalty.

We cannot forget blog analytics too. Blog analytics are as important for your blog as the first meal of the day is important for your health. It’s time to move forward from basic analytics to in-depth, widely-researched, and focused analytics. You can use a variety of tools for blog analytics. A clearer understanding of the source of your traffic, prime time, traffic-generating content, and other elements can help you craft quality content and maximize the blog’s traffic.


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