Reverse Mortgage Definitions to Know

A reverse mortgage offers many potential benefits when you retire, but only if you understand the finer points of applying for one. If you have heard about reverse mortgage, you may have also heard a lot of information you did not understand. The following are some definitions of common terms relating to reverse mortgages to help you understand the finer points of the application process.

Reverse Mortgage Versus Standard Loan

The first definition you must understand when considering a reverse mortgage is the definition of a reverse mortgage itself. A reverse mortgage is a mortgage unlike a standard mortgage in a few ways. For example, if you take out a reverse loan on your home, you do not have to pay any portion of it back right away. You also will not receive scheduled mortgage bills. Instead, your reverse mortgage lender will send you money monthly until the maximum amount you can borrow has been given to you.

Another difference between a reverse mortgage and a standard loan is a reverse loan is designed specifically for retirees or those of retirement age (62 or older). You cannot qualify until you reach 62 years of age. The purpose of the mortgage is to help you stay in possession of your home while padding your retirement income.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Another term you will encounter when considering a reverse loan is “reverse mortgage calculator.” It is a tool used to calculate the worth of your home. After doing so, the reverse mortgage calculator also calculates how much of that worth, also known as equity, you can borrow. The reason such a tool is necessary is there are many variables that can affect the total value of your home. There are also laws in place governing the percentage of that total you are allowed to request from your reverse mortgage lender.

Reverse Mortgage Versus Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)

If you are obtaining a reverse loan from a private lender, it is called a reverse mortgage. However, a government agency provides a home equity conversion mortgage (HECM), instead. The two are quite similar, except an HECM is government-insured. Both loan types are government-regulated in terms of how much can be borrowed.

Reverse Mortgage Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit is one option when you apply for a reverse mortgage. It allows you to borrow against the value of your home in exact, as needed, amounts. It is similar to how a credit card works. The home equity line of credit is one of several reverse mortgage borrowing options. You can also request one large payment or collect monthly installments for as long as funds are available. The latter option may be the most useful if you know you cannot afford your monthly household expenses without assistance.

Reverse Mortgage Default

You may already know that defaulting is the act of not meeting the terms of a loan. For example, if missing standard loan repayments causes you to go into default, the lender can foreclose on your home. Defaulting on a reverse mortgage is much less likely because you are under no obligation to make scheduled repayments in the first place. However, you must continuously use your home as your primary residence to avoid defaulting on a reverse mortgage. If you cease living in the home, the balance you owe will be due right away.


Christmas comes early for marketers

While the rest of the UK bakes in a heatwave the likes of which hasn’t been seen in decades, the marketers of the world have already got their minds on something else. Because of the long lead times on print publications, product development and more, in the world of PR, it’s Christmas.

Referred to in the industry as ‘Christmas in July’, preview events are held throughout the summer months by brands looking to push their products. Everyone from traditional print journalists to bloggers, influencers and buyers can be invited to these events, for a sneak peek at what retailers have in store.

For major food retailers like supermarket chains, luxury brands like Fortnum and Mason and smaller local producers, it’s the chance to get their products into the hands of influencers and on the ‘Best Christmas Pudding 2017’ or ‘Five of the best luxury foodie treats this Christmas’ lists.

Likewise, many lifestyle retailers including clothing brands, homeware stores and others will hold summer preview events, hoping to secure a mention of their brand in gift lists and social media feeds.

It isn’t just previews taking place in July, though. Many organisations will already have brainstormed, filmed and perhaps even signed off on their Christmas advertising campaign. Coups like Marks and Spencers’ tie in with the Paddington 2 movie don’t just spring up overnight – there’s months and months of planning involved.

That’s why it’s crucial that if you’re thinking of running a Christmas campaign with a big name – whether it’s organising events, an online campaign or an all-out Christmas TV advert, you need to start thinking about it now.

Celebrity spokespeople and brand ambassadors are a well-established part of Christmas marketing campaigns – think Stacey Solomon and Iceland, Ewan McGregor and Debenhams or Twiggy and M&S. If you want to secure exactly the right celebrity for your brand, you’ll need to pin them down early, so it’s worth contacting an entertainment agency now.

A recognisable face can do wonders for boosting the credibility of your brand, and by choosing the right person you can really buy into the feelgood festive spirit. For instance, if you’re marketing a toy-shop, a notable children’s TV presenter will make their sell all the more authoritative. Likewise, a notoriously fashionable celebrity is the perfect choice for a fashion or clothing brand.

If you’d like to learn more about getting in there early and booking a celebrity to be a part of your Christmas ad campaign, you’ll need to crack on. Top London-based booking agent MN2S is a great first port of call; you’ll find celebrities from all across the spectrum, from soap stars to singers and everything in between. Get in touch today to start the ball rolling on your Christmas plans this summer.

General Business

Translation Services: Understanding the Basics

These days, almost every company deals with customers who speak a different language than they do. Whether you do business with overseas clients or live in an area where multilingual residents are the norm, ensuring that you can effectively communicate with each of these groups is essential for your growth. You can help your business to grow thanks to company which offer translation services in Montreal, but how do these services work?

Here’s a closer look at how a translation service provider makes a real impact for your business.

In-House Experts

A quality translation services company doesn’t rely on guesswork or translation software to get accurate results. Instead, it uses a worldwide team of translation experts who understand the cultural and linguistic nuances of their language.

This can be especially important when trying to reach international audiences. Canadian French and European French both have distinct differences in terminology and syntax — the same is true of Canadian English and European English.

As such, the best translation providers use a team of experts from around the world to facilitate their translation services. By using native speakers who live and work in the country you are trying to reach, you will receive accurate translations that account for regional differences.

Translating Your Content

Whether you need to translate materials into French or Dutch, optimizing for different types of content is essential. For best results, you should select a translation services provider that assigns a project coordinator to your content to oversee all work and ensure that translators are providing quality results.

While translation quality should never be compromised, most companies also need translated materials returned in a short amount of time. By working with a translation company with several global offices, you essentially extend the work day and enable a faster turnaround on your content.

Though several individuals may work on the translation, all work is ultimately overseen by the project coordinator, who reviews the materials for accuracy and consistent tone. This way, you get high-quality results in a timely manner, no matter how urgent the project may be.

Growing Your Business

Even if you only do business in Canada and the United States, translating your materials into multiple languages is essential if you wish to grow your customer base. By taking advantage of translation services, you will be able to communicate more effectively and have confidence that your company’s top-selling points won’t get obscured by language differences. As you choose a high-quality, flexible team, you will get the results your company needs.


About to Buy a Used Car? Read This Article First!

If you have ever purchased a new car or even been with somebody during the experience then you have seen sales agents working at their best! You were likely thrown parties, champagne was flowing, and your favorite music artist performed live!


Well, maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as that, but you get the point. The experience was great because the car was new. However, when it comes time to buy a used car, well, the experience is a little different.


To help you navigate the world of used cars, below are some questions to ask throughout the process.


Are You Sure That You Need a Car?

If you just want a car for short trips to the shop and back, consider a car-sharing program. If you want to take road-trip, take advantage of a great Expedia coupon from Groupon Coupons and rent a vehicle to take your friend on an adventure. Whatever the reason is for you wanting to buy a car, give serious thought to whether you need it and whether there are alternatives which you could utilize.


Who Was the Previous Owner?

If you are certain that a car is something you need then the first question you will want to ask any dealer is about the previous owner. This is the best way to get an understanding of how the car may have been driver before it arrived on the lot before you.


As an example, if the previous owner was an elderly couple then there is a good chance that the car was driven short distances and the engine won’t have been pushed too much to its limits.  On the other hand, if the previous owner was a teenager learning how to drive then you could be in for a different type of engine health. Whichever the answer is, consider how you could drive the car if you were the previous driver.


What Is the Maintenance History Like?

If you are still interested in the vehicle after learning about the previous owner then it’s time to ask about the maintenance history. In particular, ask to see the maintenance log for the vehicle. This is the book which will tell you all about how well the vehicle was maintained, information about its previous visits to the mechanic, and even the type of products used during its services.


Can I Take It for a Test Drive?

Why is this question on here? After all, surely you’re going to ask for a test drive, right? This question is on the list to prepare you for a dealer to tell you that you can’t. That’s right. The dealer may tell you that you aren’t able to take take the vehicle for a test drive. Why? They will tell you an excuse about insurance or something similar. However, it’s more likely that they are hiding something and they don’t want you to find out until after you have signed the papers and driven away. If a dealer tells you no, walk away and find a new dealership.


Just because buying a used car isn’t the glamorous experience which comes with buying a new car means that you can’t find the right car for your needs. Stick with the above tips to get started and you will be sure to ring a vehicle right for you!

General Business

Tips For Smart Car Buying

To save money when buying a car you are going to have to spend a little time looking for the right car. That means time and effort, but what if you could buy a new or used car with zero hassle and minimal time and effort? The first step you should take before you travel to a dealership to look at all the shiny new cars is to do some research on all the vehicles available. How do you know which car is right for you? You also might be wondering what style car, SUV, truck or hybrid you should buy. With so many options available, where do you start? Below are some great tips for smart car buying when you’re ready to get into a new or used vehicle.

Research Various Car Models

The first step you should take before buying a car is to do a good amount of thorough research. This can be daunting with the plethora of information about cars found on the world wide web. While the internet has made car buying easier, you should know where to research before you start shopping. The best online automotive marketplaces offer you comprehensive car buying information along with tools to help you buy smart. The best website for all of this and more is offers you real reviews by both experts and car buyers, as well as comparison and pricing tools to help you make a good buying decision. Once you have decided what cars look more attractive to you and can benefit your car buying needs, you’ll want to narrow your choices down.

Determine What You Need

You’ll want to make a list of all amenities that you need in your new or used car. Think about what is important to you in your next vehicle. Things like better fuel economy, a USB or WIFI, more leg room – all of these and more can be contributing factors in choosing a car make and model. Next, in order to narrow down your search for the perfect vehicle, you should employ the multi-car comparison and pricing tools. Both of these will help you put vehicles side-by-side so you can determine what kind of car you want at the right price. Once you’ve decided on a few different cars, you should read their car seat safety check guide here: This handy guide is great for anyone buying with children in mind.

Put Your Smartphone To Good Use

Another great way to buy smart is by using your smartphone. Smartphones are one of the greatest tools for car buying when you download the apps. offers two great applications for your iPhone or Android. First, is the on the go app which allows you to price cars at the dealership without talking to a car salesman. Second, is the Quick Offer app that helps you sell your car without the hassle of trade-in so you get more money for your old car.

If you’re an educated shopper when it comes to buying a new or used car, you’ll make an informed decision about what you need and have peace of mind that you made the right investment when you drive home your new car.


What to Do When Money Gets Tight

Is there anything more stressful than not having enough money to meet your needs? Sometimes it’s because you didn’t budget quite right, but there are other times when you’re beset by something completely out of your hands. Your car breaks down in the middle of the week, for example, and you just spent your savings getting the kids new clothes for school. What can you do?

You can try one of the five borrowing options outlined below. Each one is designed to provide quick cash when you’re experiencing a financial emergency. Some require good credit; some don’t.

Ask for a credit limit increase. If you’re in good standing with your credit card companies, consider asking for a limit increase. While it’s never a good idea to max out your credit cards, having a few hundred or thousand extra dollars to work with could solve your problems without you having to submit to a new credit check. You can typically ask for a limit increase online, though you may get a more favorable decision if you speak with someone on the phone. The approval process may take as much as a few days but often takes as little as a minute or two.

Get a check advance from a lender

While an advance on a check is typically associated with an employer (see below) the same concept can apply in a more traditional borrower-lender setting. If quick cash is needed now, you can find a check advance online through a qualified lender. Like other forms of unsecured borrowing, it’s imperative for the borrower to pay it back on time in full.

Ask your employer for a check advance. This is an option only if you feel reasonably sure it won’t hurt your employer’s opinion of you. You may be surprised by the positive reception you receive. Many employers are willing to extend advances to good employees who have been with the company for at least a year. Your boss may let you repay your check advance over several pay periods, not just one like payday loans.

Pawn or sell your belongings. It never feels good to slink into a pawnshop with something of value between your hands, but it is a way to get quick cash for emergencies. Be mindful that pawn shops will give you a very small percentage of what your valuables are worth. While strategies for getting the most money from a pawn shop exist, it’s easy to wind up pawning more items than you intended. This puts more of your things on the line if you run into trouble getting them back. Alternatively, you could post the same things on a seller’s website like eBay or Craigslist and get more money, although you may have to bide your time before you get a buyer.

Get a personal loan. If you’ve got good credit and your bank account is in good standing, approach a loan officer at your bank for a small personal loan. If your credit isn’t perfect you may be able to get a loan at a higher interest rate with a lending company.

Take out a title loan

If your credit is truly damaged, a car title loan is a last-resort option. Car title loans involve putting the title to a car you own on the line for the cash. This means if you can’t pay, you’ll lose your car. Only do this if you know you can pay the loan off quickly. Never, ever borrow more than you need or can pay back.

As insurance against emergencies in the future, start a savings account. Put 10 percent of your paycheck in it every payday, without fail, and only tap the money in emergencies. Emergencies are never quite as dire when you have a nest egg to fall back on.

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Day Trading And Traditional Penny Stocks

Investing in the stock market is a varied and interesting business. Beyond day traders, who can make money with multiple small trades each day, there are all sorts of actors in the market that have different ways of making money. There are institutional investors like city pension funds and labor unions that have large, long-term funds making medium-sized percentages on large amounts of money.

There are conservative investors in the model of Warren Buffett that like to study emerging companies and make steady, long-term bets on their strategic advantages within a given industry. The risk level is relatively low, but so are the returns and the excitement. And there are investment banks and hedge funds that have bond traders, international currency traders and proprietary algorithms that make big time money for clients.

But day traders can still make a very good living, with no boss and no boring cubicle chaining them to a company. And they can make that money by investing in penny stocks. Penny stocks are companies with share prices between $2 and $10 per share. Many large investors and Buffet-style investors stay away from them because they have a reputation for being akin to gambling. The volatility, the fact that the stocks have fallen off the NYSE into the pink sheets and the lack of information about the companies are all turnoffs for traditional investors. The potential for fraud and manipulation is always there.

But for day traders, the calculations are different. Penny stocks and their inherent volatility are a plus for day traders. Day traders thrive on volatility. Big moves, whether up or down, make for opportunities to lock in profits. And day traders can avoid the ramifications of pump and dump stocks sold by PR mavens because they hold stocks for a very short period of time. The entry and exit strategies are what make day traders their profits.

Small-cap stocks can be lucrative for day traders, just like penny stocks. Stocks that trade under $100, especially in the biotech, fiance and internet sectors can represent great opportunites for quick hit investments. While institutional investors may tend to stay away from those companies, because they are prone to 50% drops and 100% upward squeezes, that just means that day traders have all those potential profits to themselves. But timing and risk management are the keys to all of it.

Entry and exits into penny stocks on a daily basis are vital to get right, because the spikes and valleys can be so intense. Timing your trades correctly and putting the right risk management protocols in place are very important for making profits on a day to day basis.

How to do that is a matter of strategy and technique. The strategies can be learned, though, with the right day trading education program. All you need is the drive, the small amount of cash for the classes and the time to educate yourself. Then you can be on your way to financial freedom.

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The Evolution Of Stephen Hawking

Despite being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease at the age of 21, Stephen Hawking still manages to make a whole lot of money every year.  Not fitting the position of a millionaire, the physicist has done some massive research on studying black holes and cosmology.


Having suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis from a very young age, at the age of 72, his net worth is of $20 million! How’d that happen? He has diversified his earnings from several sources. Somehow, they’ve all managed to spill out pricey sums.

Hawker is the director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, at the University of Cambridge. It is a very distinguished role at a very reputable university. Even though the salary from this is pretty big, the majority of Hawkers fortunes comes from other sources.

Stephen is a bestselling author and co-authored quite a number of books. His book, “A Brief History of Time” was on the Sunday Times for more than four years. He also helped produce a few films, featured in some movies and been on T.V shows. Every talks and speeches he has hosted are each worth a hefty fee.

In 2012, Hawking earned a neat $3 million in cash for winning the Fundamental Physics Prize. Which was part of a Russian billionaire’s foundation; Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Foundation. Hawking was said to be joining the foundation in 2016.

Hawking has used his wealth to help increase many attributes. He’s expanded his influence in the world of science and the public sphere as well. He is the one person that people listen to when it comes to the destruction of humanity like global warming, Due to his high level of intelligence, his disease has never let him stop achieving.

His money comes from his speeches and the people who pay him for his genuine ideas. When he was little, Hawking’s grades ranked the worst in the whole classroom. With a little effort, he managed to bring them up, by not much. He’d always been interested with the ways things worked. Despite his bad grades, his teachers always believed he was the second Einstein.

The genius professor Hawking made a bet in 1997 with a scientist on blackholes. It was soon discovered that he was wrong, and he admitted effortlessly. He lost the bet to physicist John Preskill, but at the best bingo site- Kitty Bingo, you never have to worry about bets. You could play on the various games available such as: Bingo, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Scratch & Arcade games as well.

Stephen is also a children’s book author. In 2007, together with his daughter, they wrote a book about a young boy who rebels to his parents disinterest in technology. He soon discovers his neighbour is a physicist that has a computer. He also discovers that the computer is the most powerful one in the universe. The book was written to explain scientific concepts like blackholes. It grew popular amongst children and adults, which have the duo a handsome earning.




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How To Make Effective Use of Your Shopping Cart

You have an e-commerce site. That is a great first step towards capitalizing on the growing online shopping revolution that is sweeping the globe. At the same time, simply having an e-commerce site is not enough. You must make it into a site the is visually appealing and one that others can easily find. This means that you need to engage in an effective digital marketing campaign. Once prospective customers find you, you need to make use of online shopping carts in such a way that the products that you offer can easily be bought. Consider the following ways that you can make better use of your shopping cart and lead to the growth of your e-commerce site over time.

Make it Look Great in the Mobile World

With more and more people around the globe using their mobile devices to access the Web, you need to make sure that your e-commerce site looks great there as well. This takes some work. If you are like most, you designed your initial website with a large desktop computer screen in mind. When all of that information needs to fit on such a little screen, however, a great deal can be lost. This is why you need to make use of modern technology and ensure that your site is responsive. This means that it instantly picks up on what device is trying to access it and then adjusts accordingly. This includes your shopping cart and images.

Use High Resolution Images That Load Fast

Little can be more frustrating than going to a site that loads so slowly you can catch the first half of the latest game on the television while you wait. Many e-commerce sites compensate for this by including low quality images that are less than flattering of the products that they have to offer. You need to avoid both of these events from happening, and it can be done. You want to use images that look great, yet load fast. To do that, you will need to use the latest in shopping cart technology. Again, responsiveness is the key here. You need to make use of the slower processing speeds on a mobile device. This can be done, and it will set you apart from the competition when you do.

Include Reviews That Are Generated by Users

Within your shopping cart you will want to have product reviews that are easy to access. These same reviews should be user generated so that real customers are posting them. People want to know what others thing about the very products and services that they are considering to purchase on your site. This adds legitimacy to your company, and it puts a real world aspect to the buying experience that replicates the traditional shopping experience. Being transparent and open in terms of what other users have to say is part of the digital marketing and buying experience.

If you will follow these strategies, in addition to others that work for you, your e-commerce site can grow much more quickly. The key is to develop a rich user experience for your customers that they will enjoy and want to come to time and time again. If you can do this, it is more likely that your good name will be passed around in the virtual world.


Online Marketing For Beginners: Your Quick Reference Guide

Business owners who insist upon making their companies increasingly successful with each passing year should hop on the online marketing bandwagon. If you haven’t jumped aboard yet, now is the time to learn as much as you can about how digital advertising can help your organization grow. Refer to the information found in this quick reference guide to keep your company in a state of expansion within the online world:

  1. Content Marketing.

Content marketing is one of the most important digital advertising services on the block. This is the case because online audiences need a resource through which they can attain clear, accurate, up to date information regarding your brand. Content provides them with an outlet through which to do so. There are many forms of content to be found on the web. Some of them include:

  • blog posts
  • web articles
  • videos
  • photos

There are many strategies a digital team might deploy to make your content incredible. An example would be doing target market research to get a better understanding of your audience’s ideological slant, buying behavior, personal interests, etc. Once this information is attained, the digital team can tailor the content to suit the needs and perspectives of your unique audience.

  1. Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Like content marketing, social media optimization (SMO) is an important advertising service to attain. Specifically, this service enables business owners to develop strong relationships with the prospect in a more casual, personal manner than other forms of advertising will allow. Although SMO is a relatively complex form of marketing, it is basically about optimizing your brand presence and engagement with prospects on channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Once this optimization process is underway, you can almost always count on attaining more substantive conversion rates. One SMO technique that a digital firm’s techies might employ is running a contest through Facebook in which the winner attains a free promotional prize!

  1. Web Design And Development.

Web design and development is another primary, important component of the internet marketing process. This aspect of the web optimization process involves things such as making your product pages aesthetically appealing and ensuring that the visual component of the site is distinct from that of other sites. The web optimization process will also involve the use of responsive web design techniques which make your site accessible to those who use mobile devices. Also note that web development companies such as Network Solutions can provide you with domain name registration services to ensure that your site can attain the level of traffic necessary to generate a substantive return on investment (ROI).


Start Using These Online Marketing Strategies Now!


If you run a business and are ready to get the company up and running online, now is the time to make it happen. If simply thinking about the digital marketing sector makes you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. You can refer to the information found in this quick reference guide to ensure that you maintain a clear, basic understanding of how the digital advertising sector works!